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Условия оплаты

Service fee

Exchange rate

Bank charge

Cost of items

Local shipping fee

International delivery fee

Customs fee

Insurance fee (optional)

E-hermes points & E-coupons

Can I get any discount on service fee?

How does E-hermes charge the storage fee?

E-hermes total cost= first payment + second payment

First payment: Items fee + local shipping fee + Service fee + bank transfer fee

Second payment: International delivery fee + Packing fee + Customs fee + Insurance fee(Option)+ bank transfer fee

E-hermes accepts many payment methods as: PayPal, WesternUnion, MoneyGram,Credit Card,Ali-pay,Webmoney,

For Eastern European Clients we can accept payment from Unistream,Contact,Leader.

Service fee:

1) For common member,E-hermes service fee = (Items fee + local shipping fee)*8%+ discount from e-coupon

2) For VIP member, E-hermes service fee = (Items fee + local shipping fee)*7%+discount from e-coupon

3) For SVIP member, E-hermes service fee = (Items fee + local shipping fee)*6% +discount from e-coupon

4) For MVIP member, E-hermes service fee = (Items fee + local shipping fee)*4% +discount from e-coupon


You can use E- coupon to deduct service fee.Please see the instruction how to use E-hermes points and E- coupon and click member grade to know your growing


Because all Clients can get E-hermes coupons,so all Clients have equivalent 0.1% discount In addition to the originally discounts.

The amount of points is equal to the amount of your shopping cost ,besides the delivery cost,service fee. For example,268(shopping cost),and you get 268points in your account.

When your shopping sum accumulated to 5000,it means you got 5000points,then you can exchange to 5 e-coupon one-time.

Anyway, the minimum service charge is 5 USD per parcel.

For example:
If you get the product costs 1000
and the local shipping is 15, the calculation of commission is (1000+15)×0.1 =101.5=16.65USD>5USD
If you get the product costs 10
and the local shipping is 15, the calculation of commission is (10+15)×0.1 =2.5=0.41USD 5USD,then our commission will be paid by 5USD.


Exchange rate: According to the latest exchange rate issued by the Bank of China, Ehermes will implement the exchange rate of 1:5.9 (USD: RMB) since Aug.20th, 2014, and E-hermes will adjust the exchange rate from time to time according to the changes of the Bank of China.


Please click here for Exchange rate details http://www.boc.cn/sourcedb/whpj/enindex.html


Bank charge:

1)    In according to E-hermes payment policy,if you transfer payment through Paypal,then system will deduct 4%+0.3$ for per payment.

2)    In according to E-hermes payment policy,if you transfer payment through WesternUnion,then system will deduct 4%+0.3$ for per payment.


Cost of items:

We calculate the item price in according to that is shown on the link you browsing.


Local shipping fee:

Most local delivery charge is 10 to 30CNY per kg, because the difference is determined by the courier, parcel weight and the distance between seller and our location. Therefore, we charge according to the average freight fee15 ¥ per kilogram


International delivery fee:

E-hermes provides various delivery methods, such as: EMS, Airmail for small packages, Air Parcel, SAL Parcel, Cargo.

Click here for details about the rate of various delivery methods http://www.e-hermes.net/page.php?action=postage

Customs fee:

Ehermes’s brokers well-know the customs policies and situation , and we are good at finding out suitable policies for your order before shipment. In countries with high rate of customs clearance, there is no need to pay any fees. However, in countries with low rate of customs clearance such as Argentina, customers may be required to pay tariffs.

Note: customs fee is 12.4 CNY=2$ per parcel.


Insurance fee (optional):

Insurance fee purchased at 3-5% of the total cost  of parcel,including Items cost + local shipping cost + International delivery cost + Service fee + Customs fee.


E-hermes points & E-coupons :

1)You can get E-hermes points through various ways, such as; register as E-hermes member, consumption, refer friends, add evaluation and so on.

2)You can use E-hermes points to redeem E-coupons. The E-coupon valid period is 30 days, it can deduct service fee.

3)E-hermes member grade: E-hermes common member, VIP member, SVIP member, MVIP member. If you have upgraded to MVIP member, you will enjoy service fee 30% off+discount from e-coupon.

Can I get any discount on service fee?
Yes. Our service fee is 10% of (items price + domestic shipping fee).And when you upgrade to VIP,SVIP,MVIP you will have a discount.

When should I pay the service fee?
You will be asked to pay service charge together with the international shipping of your parcel. After you get the weight of your parcel and have selected the international shipping method, E-hermes.net will automatically calculate the service fee for you. At that point, you will need to pay the shipping costs and service fee, then E-hermes will ship your parcel.

How does E-hermes charge the storage fee?

All the E-hermes customers can store your items at our warehouse if you don't want to ship them. E-hermes members have 180 days free storage. When your free storage date (we will start to calculate the storage date when your item status changed to "Arrived") has run out and you still haven't shipped them, E-hermes will start to charge your storage fee. We will charge 0.15 USD per items ID, per day. (The arrived orders which after Jan 1th will begin to calculate the storage fee.)

Note: E-hermes storage time limit is 270 days, and during the first 180 days, your order status is "arrived"; for the last 90 days, the order status is "storing". we won't help you to store if the date is more than 270 days and then your order status will change to "abandon". "Abandon" means that your have given up your items and we will handle them in our way.

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