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Доставка внутренняя и срок доставки

Domestic freight

There are such many domestic expresses in China. And their transport ability is very different in different areas. Plus China is a great country, it makes the domestic delivery fee to be high.

E-hermes accounts the domestic freight by average fee, 15RMB for first kg,and 8RMB for next kg.

Purchasing and Delivery Time 

Theoretical procurement time(which E-hermes can control)

1)  Purchasing time: After receiving your payment,E-hermes buyer purchases your order in 1-2days. 

2) Bought items to E-hermes’ warehouse : Usually takes 1-4 days after we purchased. Not including items are under order.

3) Inspection date: our QC inspects your all items within 2-5days in order of receipt of the goods. Not including items needs to be changed or do not be sent in order quantity by Seller.

4) Refund time: If E-hermes’ QC finds the substandard items, and the item will be refund back to Seller today.

5) Shipping date: After you submitted delivery and paid for it. Takes 1-2days 

6) International delivery time: Normally, EMS takes 5-7 days, Air parcel 11-15days. SAL mail 28-35days


Which factors can not E-hermes control?

1.The payment transfer time;

2. When Seller sends your products;

3.Delivery time by domestic freight;

4.Refund time and exchanged time;

5.International delivery time.

6.Force Majeure.For example Post Office strike, winter snow storm,double 11 etc.


E-hermes will try to hurry up the Seller/Distributors/Express to delivery your products to E-hermes’ warehouse, but we can not control them.

E-hermes trys our best to reduce the time and cost for you.

E-hermes tracks your order and cares your parcel in whole of your shopping cycle.

Thank you for your understanding.
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