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Steps of Complaints and Claim

Principals of Complaints and Claim

Which conditions does not E-hermes accept my Complaints and Claim? 

Complaints and Claims letter form

Steps of Complaints and Claim

1.If you get some wrong items, please mail E-herems service to apply for claim and simultaneously send the evidence such as photo,video,scan original documents etc. by e-mail. 

2.At first E-hermes after-sales staff will browse your order history by item ID, then communicate with Seller and Shipper after receiving your application.

3.After knowing where and whose mistake, then our after-sales staff will contact you to inform claim details by e-mail.

Note: Please take clear and integral photo!


Principals of Complaints and Claim

E-hermes is devoted to eliminating all troubles and cares each link during your international shopping.

In order to guarantee the security and convenience of your shopping, every shopping process corresponds some principals, including claim items


1.Wrong items, defective item or undamaged item

When you receive above items, please take photo of items and outer package and mail these materials to service e-mail address:

after-sale@e-hermes.net and E-hermes will give you an answer to dealing.

2. Quality problem

If you find quality problem after using for a period of time, you can ask E-herms to contact the seller to claim if the item is still in warranty period, and you have original shopping voucher and item warranty card.

Because every retailer/manufacturer has its own principals and ways (please refer to the item warranty card) to deal with the quality problem, E-hermes cannot guarantee that the seller will satisfy your requirement, but E-hermes will try our best to help you to struggle for your interest. 

3. Quantity problem

If you find quantity problem after receiving parcel, please contact with us within 2days.Let us know where is mistake,then E-hermes will give you a solution.


Anyway please do not worry, if E-hermes determines that is all or part of our responsibility and mistake, we will compensate to you a certain percent of coat item in according to concrete situation.



Please be cautious when shopping in those websites like Taobao, China Ebay, because there are many illegal business behaviors who has a status with several hearts. Or very cheap item,it must be not a perfect quality which you wished.

E-hermes cannot arrange claim if some happens.


If any problems with the products from these sellers who E-hermes recommends are reliable.We have not the responsibility for it.


Which conditions does not E-hermes accept my Complaints and Claim?

1.If the item is the same as in order, just the clothing brand is different, but you did not remark which brand you need

2.The letter and pattern which printed on the clothing has a few centimeters deviation.

3.There is defect on item, and indicated on the Seller’s site.

4.There is different in color due to different displayer pixels, but showed on the Seller’s site is another color. Usually confuse blue to purple.

5.Sometime Seller writes one size on his site,but in fact clothing is with another size.For example, you need L,but we got it with 5size.But the 5size is the same as L.

6.If the size,color is all according to order,but the length of sleeve or clothing,it is not E-hermes’ responsibility 

Complaints and Claims letter form

The following information should be included when submitting your complaints to service@yoybuy.com

- Your purchaser or assistant’s name.

- Reason and details (ID item, date, quantity, link etc.) .

- The target of your complaint or claim.

Our after-sale stuff will respond during working time.

Our working time is 8:30a.m. to 18:30p.m (CST: China Standard Time), Monday to Saturday.

E-mail: after-sale@e-hermes.net    Phone:  0086-021-67641980

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