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Информация для объемного товара

The following is some large items, not including all.

A. Stereo/HIFI

B. Kitchen appliance(oven, water purifier, coffeemaker)

C. Other appliance(refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, television, oven)

D. Musical instrument

E. Computer and auxiliary equipments(desktop computer, laptop, printer, fax machine, multifunction, LCD monitor)

F. Bedding (sheet, bedspread, quilt cover, pillow)

G. Home decoration(furniture)

H. Fitness equipments

I. Outdoor camping supplies


International shipment is calculated by the weight and volume of goods. Thus, if E-hermes finds bulk item during checking, the freight fee of the item may increase. And E-hermes manager will contact you about the specific change.


Shipment method for large items

When these are items with big volume and weight such as furniture/ fitness equipments/refrigerator, the method of shipment maybe be changed. If the volume is more than 2CBM, then we suggest ship by LCL.

E-hermes logistics staff will find the most suitable LCL solution and agree with you. But sometimes you need to make a customs-clean in your customs. We are responsibility to provide the complete set of customs documents. For exampl, commercial invoice, bill of lading, declaration, certificate etc.





If it is possible, we can part the large items into several parcels, this was simpler.


Anyway, you can buy most of products from China, but when you want to buy an unusually product, please at first confirm with us for its delivery.  


Insurance of LCL

You can buy insurance for your goods. The cost of a commercial insurance is about 3% from cost of your goods.


Time of delivery

If by LCL, it is about 30-45days including customs-clean time;

If by EMS,it is about 7days;

If by air post,it is about 10-20days.
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