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На что вы должны обращать внимание при получения посылок?

When can I go to get my parcel?

In many countries, post will call you,then you go to get it.

Sometimes you must tracking your parcel by yourself,when it is closer to your city,you can call to post for inquire about the parcel.


What do I need to do when I receive my parcel?

At first with your passport, packing list go to post office for parcel.

When you receive the parcel, please check the weight of the parcel first facing post office staff and take some photo of package.


If the parcel weight is less than which is given by E-hermes. And at the same time you look carefully on the outer package, try to find out the damaged areas,then take photo. Immediately you need to agree with post staff if some items are lost, I will make a claim.

In this case it is better to open your parcel and check each items in according to packing list(order list) which you prepared.


If you find there is something abnormal before opening the parcel, but the weight is normal. For example, the package is abnormal, and the parcel seems to be opened, please take photos of the outer packing of the parcel, and agree with post office, then check the goods.



E-hermes’ parcels are all wrapped in yellow tape; it can effectively prevent breakage and waterproof.

E-hermes uses the 3-5-layerdurable corrugated cartons.

In our many years experiences there is 0.1% probability of breakage on the way.


If you have questions about the quantity of items or you have received the wrong items, please take photos of the ID number of the items, and e-mail the pictures and related conditions to E-hermes.
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