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Срок хранения товара

Storage time is 90days for free, since the commoditystatus is displayed as "Arrived”. In the storage period E-hermes is responsible for the custody and be held accountable, besides some special items which has a warranty period (for example: food,tea whichshelf life is only a month).


The free period of storage is six months, if the storage time exceeds 30days,then E-hermes will charge 10% of the commodity price for storage fee  per week.If more than 2 months ,we charge storage fees in 20% of commodity prices  per week .... and so on.

Storage time exceeds 270 days, and you don't submit delivery during this time. So it means you have given up your items and we will handle them in our way. (They don't belong to you any more)


Note: Volume of your items must be less than 0.8m*0.8m*0.8m and 30kgs,then the storage service is free for you.

If your item is very big and heavy, please contact us for detail storage charge.

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